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Become a Trade Show Standout!

Become a Trade Show Standout!

Exhibiting your business in an industry Trade Show is a fantastic way to launch a new product, increase your customer base and stay at the top of your game. But how do you ensure your stand attracts people, looks amazing and conveys your brand intentions. To help you get started with put together our Top 5 Tips for Expo Success.

Build Your Team
Planning and running your exhibition stand is a full-time job and you need to be working with a professional and supportive team. Don’t go it alone! Invest time in; finding an expert to assist in planning your exhibition display, using a creative team to design graphics and advertising material, staff that are knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic about your product/service.

Design to Impress
A professional creative agency, such as Lewis Creative, can plan and design attractive and impressive materials for your exhibition stand. Create a space that is engaging, sleek and eye catching. Think about the messages and information you want to convey to your visitors. Use beautiful graphics and custom designs on banners, table covers, signage, stands and brochures so your visitors enter with excitement and leave wanting more.

Excellence in customer service is paramount for your exhibition team. They should be attentive, engaging, friendly, able to impart key information about your business offerings, and also know when to invest time in serious customers and when to redirect any time wasters. The goal is to convert your visitor into a fan and customer.

Take Note
Keep note of the people entering your stand – are there some repeat visitors, are they new or have they contacted you in the past, are they interested in further information beyond the exhibition. Keep a record of specific conversations, promises or agreements. Make sure you have some way of compiling contact information from your visitors for follow up purposes.

Follow Up
So the hard work is over? Not quite. At the close of your exhibition you will have a list of potential customers and partners who may have requested additional information, meetings or booked services or ordered products. Now is the time to increase your ROI by planning your responses and making the most of your newly generated contacts.